April 22, 2021
The Book On Heat

The Book On Heat

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The Book on Heat  is the first comprehensive book detailing the amazing link between temperature and weight loss.

This book is the absolute best reference for anyone who wants to understand the surprising role that temperature can play in weight loss, longevity and health.

Brad is a renowned author who specialized in Intermittent Fasting during his postgraduate studies. Based on years of research and experimentation he came up with the Eat Stop Eat method, his best selling book which has sold over 250,000 copies to date.

Now, Brad is focused on exposing the connection between temperature and body weight, and his findings are being released in his newest work, The Book on Heat.

In the pages of The Book on Heat, Brad explains the research* behind some of the surprising effects of Temperature:

  • On making dieting easier
  • On controlling Growth Hormone — the key hormone involved in weight loss
  • On GHRELIN, often called the “Hunger Hormone”
  • On the hormone LEPTIN (strongly linked to hunger and Reducing Abdominal Fat)
  • On MUSCLE GROWTH and Exercise Performance
  • On Improving Metabolism & Energy
  • On controlling the Body’s Inflammation Response
  • On controlling Cleansing & Renewal of The Body At a Cellular Level
  • And much more…

The Book On Heat uses no-nonsense language — It explains the science of exactly WHY the RIGHT Temperature — when used properly — can deliver powerful and lasting benefits…

Listen: when Brad started his research into Intermittent Fasting, he was actually 100% opposed to it. He thought you had to eat every 2-3 hours to reach your weight loss goals. But he had to eat his words when the research became clear.

And now, he’s doing the same thing with Temperature, realizing that temperature plays a pivotal, yet largely ignored role in the control of body weight. This includes facts like:

  • Human metabolism is absolutely influenced by the temperature — in fact the research shows temperature is a driving force in fat gain and loss
  • Exposure to cold can BLUNT the fat loss effects of exercise
  • And how (Surprisingly), a fast metabolism doesn’t always lead to fat loss, in fact in some cases it can lead to fat gain!

All this and more is explained and referenced in Brad’s book, with over 300 references from over 70 years of research.

Yet that’s not all. Because this is an extremely new topic and we want to make sure folks have the most complete and up-to-date information, right now we’re going to do something special… you will receive the early release digital edition PLUS the paperback edition as soon as it prints. That’s right, both the digital and paperback for only $10.

With this exclusive offer, The Book on Heat is now available at a big discount. To get it now at this special price, just use the link on this page to secure the exclusive deal only available for the first print run.

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*Over 350 Research Papers Supporting The Book on Heat

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