April 23, 2021
Lose Your Belly Diet Deluxe Program W/ Exclusive Food Journal Included

Lose Your Belly Diet Deluxe Program W/ Exclusive Food Journal Included

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I justified all the reasons why I needed to swallow my favorite food.

Even promised myself that day would be the last.

It wasn’t.

You see, I used dates as a way to start over.

“I’ll be better on Monday”

“I’ll start again on the 1st of the Month,”

“Welp, I might as well keep going because I’ll be starting fresh tomorrow.” 

My belly was stuffed and gassy.

My mind was stuffed with guilt. 

Stress eating was my transformation killer;

My never-ending, emotional, roller-coaster wheel.

It was my unhealthy, emotional coping mechanism.

It left me feeling powerless.

Until I saw an ad for this journal. 

Figured it won’t hurt to try.

Turned out that it actually helped!

I found what triggered my compulsive overeating in the first place. 

I learned how to adjust using  the “Temptation Plot” thingy in the journal.

Lost 9 pounds in the process using the “S.M.A.R.T. System” tool they had.

I created my own little imaginary award badge of control and confidence.

No one can see it but I wear it on my chest as soon as I think of food.

I said all this because I know you can conquer this too!

I wish I had someone telling me that they experienced the same thing. 

Someone to give me something I could use. 

Something that actually helps.

I’m being that someone for you.

Giving you that something.

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