GM Diet Day 5

GM Diet – Day 5

On Day 5 of your journey with the GM Diet, you’re no longer strictly vegetarian. You are switching over to a tasty combination of beef and tomatoes with some soup.  If you don’t eat beef, you can replace it with Soy beans and lentils.  Don’t reduce your intake of water. You might even want to increase drinking water on this day as the meat can be heavy for your system.  Soup on this day will provide energy while the beef will give you iron and protein as well as fiber.

What do I eat?

Do: Beef, tomatoes and GM Diet soup (click here for the GM Diet soup recipe)

Still continue to drink 1-2 glasses of water each meal and 8- 10 for the day.

Don’t:   Only Water today, no juices. Stick to the list of ‘Do’ and you’ll stay on the path to success.

Meal Ideas:

Breakfast:  beef (braised, roasted, broiled, grilled) and soup or sliced tomato

Lunch: hamburger and tomatoes (no cheese, please and burger can be baked or fried)

Snacks: tomatoes or cherry tomatoes or cucumbers can be substituted

Dinner:  another hamburger or grill a kebob, bowl of GM diet soup and tomatoes or beef soup with tomatoes

Remember: Beef in the morning will help keep you full. Remember some folks on a normal day eat steak and eggs for breakfast.  Stay busy and think protein today. Meals can be broken down into smaller portions and more often throughout the day to help sustain energy. Don’t forget herbs and dry seasoning can help add flavor and appeal to your food.  Try lemon zest and coriander on a strip steak or tenderloin.  Choose the leanest meat when selecting Ground Beef.

Exercise? Boost exercise up a notch to keep your metabolism going even if that only means you’re going from 15 minutes to 30 minutes for the day.

See the GM Diet Day 6.

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