GM Diet Day 3

GM Diet – Day 3

On Day 3 of your journey on the GM Diet, it’s combo day! You can combine fruits and vegetables with the exception of bananas.  Who knew bananas would not be so popular? Your body will start to feel more adjusted and mindset may be less stressful because of your options with food.  Buy fresh produce as it contains more nutritional value. Buying organic can be a little more expensive. Give GM Diet Day 3 a variety of food choices and you’ll keep your body feeling fuller and reduce temptations and cravings. Use deep breathing exercises in the morning as another way to decrease tension from your body adjusting.

What do I eat?

Do: Eat fresh Fruits AND Vegetables (click here for types of vegetables) and drink plenty of water, stay hydrated.

Try to drink 1-2 glasses of water each meal and 8- 10 for the day. Each as many vegetables as you like as much as you like.  Try adding lemon to your water or some coconut water to satisfy other cravings.  You can range from lettuce, green and leafy to starchy types like Potatoes. Yes we said potatoes.

Don’t:  No Fruit and no dressing with a salad.  Some variations of the GM Diet allow for vinaigrette or lemon juice on the salad. Avoid cooking with oil or coconut.

Meal Ideas: (these are just ideas to get you jump started and show variety)

Breakfast:  Mix of melon and apples

Lunch: Romaine lettuce and red cabbage salad with regular diced tomatoes, red or yellow, cucumber

Snacks: green pepper slices (or red or yellow pepper), fresh juice from raspberry, blueberry or strawberry

Dinner:  steamed broccoli, spinach and asparagus

Remember: Meals can be broken down into smaller portions and more often throughout the day to help sustain energy. Don’t forget herbs and dry seasoning can help add flavor and appeal to your food.  Think of fruit as a dessert option.

Sweet tooth craving?Try a small portion of fresh carrot or tomato juice (Not V8) or a fresh juice made of berries, oranges and lemons.

Exercise? You should start to feel more capable of doing more exercise and longer such as walking for more than 10 minutes especially if exercising is not part of your normal daily routine.

See the GM Diet Day 4.

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