GM Diet Day 2

GM Diet – Day 2

On Day 2 of your journey with the GM Diet, you are filling your body with fiber while it’s settling down from the natural sugar intake from fruit on GM Diet Day 1.  Don’t forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.  Remind yourself that you are concentrating on your overall health and feeling well.  This day works on more easily digestible foods and increasing the amount of fiber you consume.

What do I eat?

Do: Eat both raw and cooked Veggies (click here for types of vegetables) and drink plenty of water, stay hydrated. You can have light vinaigrette with salad or just a small amount of olive oil.

Try to drink 1-2 glasses of water each meal and 8- 10 for the day. Each as many vegetables as you like as much as you like.  Try adding lemon to your water or some coconut water to satisfy other cravings.  You can range from lettuce, green and leafy to starchy types like Potatoes. Yes we said potatoes.

Don’t:  No Fruit.  Avoid Salt or minimize it and try herbs or other seasonings instead.

Meal Ideas:

Breakfast:  Baked or boiled potato, with small pat of butter (minor allowable)

Lunch: salad with lettuce, spinach, boiled cabbage (stay on the lighter side of foods)

Snacks: celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, mini carrots (already peeled, ready to eat at the grocery)

Dinner:  steamed cauliflower and carrots or boiled beets

Remember:  You can add seasoning and herbs to add flavor.

Meals can be broken down into smaller portions and more often throughout the day to help sustain energy. Eating vegetables with carbohydrates or starch on GM Diet Day 2 helps the body to transition with sugars and detoxification while maintaining sufficient energy levels.

Feeling light headed?  Try drinking an 8oz. glass of water.

Sweet tooth craving?Try cherry tomatoes or carrots as a snack.

Exercise? You should start to feel more capable of doing more exercise and longer such as walking for more than 10 minutes especially if exercising is not part of your normal daily routine.

See the GM Diet Day 3.

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