February 28, 2021
Diet Soup

Diet Soup

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I omitted the dry onion soup, used Swanson vegetable broth for the base (adding a cup and a half extra since I had a lot of veggies), substituted 10 oz. of organic frozen peas for the green beans and added several cloves of fresh minced garlic, as well as two bay leaves, a tablespoon of parsley and a teaspoon each of thyme and oregano. I also added 2 tsp. of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, for savor. With eight servings of soup, the oil adds only slightly more than one gram of fat per serving (the equivalent of eating one potato chip). I was very pleased with the result, which was light, savory and aromatic. I used an entire small head of organic green cabbage (with the extra broth) and did not find the soup too loaded. This is a good weight-loss soup, since one can really tuck in without consuming too many calories.

Peg..This is delicious!! My hubby gobbled it up and he is not a veggie fan! I also substituted canned tomatoes for fresh and as you suggested added a variety of vegtables I like. I added lots of pepper and some vegtable broth to spice it up a bit. What I really liked was that it was simple and I had everything I needed without having to go to the grocery store. Hope this helps the pounds pour off!

If this soup was all I had to eat then I would definitely loose a lot of weight because I would not eat at all. Mine all went down the disposall. If you dare to try this cut the cabbage in half and also the green beans. There is a whole lot of room for improvement here I’m just not sure what could be done with this mess. Sorry!!

I love this recipe because you can personalize it so easily to fit your taste. I add one green pepper (chopped) one bunch of green onion (diced) one bunch of celery (diced) 2 chicken bullion cubes one can of diced tomatoes 3 dashes of hot sauce 1 tsp. crushed red pepper 1 tblsp. Italian seasoning. I omit the green beans and use only one packet of Lipton’s onion. When the cabbage is almost tender I add 16 oz of fresh bella mushrooms. Sometimes I’ll add some ham to it. This makes a low calorie and very filling large pot of soup that will last a week in the fridge. You will not like this soup if you don’t like cabbage. If this is the case just omit it.

This recipe is VERY TASTY and FULL of flavor!! If losing weight is this easy I’ll be skinny in no time! I followed the recipe with these changes. I used canned tomatoes w/basil 2 large cubes chicken boullion had to add 4 cups more water with all the vegetables I added about 10 small sliced fresh mushrooms one zucchini 4 cloves crushed garlic half of a large red pepper and one jalepeno w/ out seeds 2 bay leaves t. cayenne pepper 2 T. parsley t. Oregano fresh basil 2 T Olive oil 2 cans canneloni beans (rinsed) salt to flavor. It made a lot but I am freezing part of it.

I really like this recipe. I make it and put 1 serving portions in a freezer bag then reheat them about 1-2 times a week to help cut down on the calories Im sure Im loading up on durring the week. Its good and it makes me full without all the unwanted calories!

I had been looking for the “negative calorie” soup recipe and I think this may be it! Very good! This one’s a keeper!

I added a diced raw potato to the soup while cooking also a can of tomatoes instead of the raw tomatoes. My husband and I really liked this cabbage soup.

I like this as just a vegetable soup….. light and easy. I add other “freebie” vegetables to keep it low calories and increase the flavor. A little garlic and hot sauce also gives the soup an additional kick. I do agree that if it was the only thing I had to eat I’d really lose weight. Make in small batches or even freeze some (it reheats very well) so you don’t get tired of it so quickly.

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