April 22, 2021
Decoding The Mindset Of Muscle

Decoding The Mindset Of Muscle

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The #1 mistake that 99% of people are guilty of when mentally rehearsing. You will learn how to STOP doing this if you want to boost performance and achieve your Monster Mindset.

The exact meditation experience that I do every time I go to the gym. I see this as part of my workout and it is never missed. Why? Because without the Monster Mindset I would not be where I am today.

The science and research behind how you can achieve your intended goals and develop the monster mindset.

11 powerful techniques that will maximize your focus in order to dive deep into the Monster Mindset.

Monster mind Recovery meditation. A simple meditation practice that triggers the release of nitric oxide and acts as a powerful vasodilator. This will flush out the build up of lactic acid.

The Monster mindset meditations use binaural beats of 7.83 hz & 4.5hz. We blend these into your meditations to accelerate your brain frequency in order to trigger your optimal performance state.

The ideal times to perform your Monster mindset meditation ritual. This will give you the edge over the inner fears you may subconsciously have.

How you can lose weight without changing your current diet or training plan. Only by adding these techniques.

The full power of nitric oxide and what correct nasal breathing actually looks like. This will skyrocket your performance in training and in the bedroom.

How to adapt the MONSTER MINDSET to boost your performance in a specific sport. I will teach you a method that will trigger you into this state while improving your agility.

Unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus. It’s like you have found a hidden well of energy with your name on it.

 How to lower cortisol with the meditations. This will wash away unnecessary stress, anxiety and tension.

How to maximize your libido. Learn how breathing will boost your nitric oxide and testosterone production so you can have a locked bedroom door for days!

Using the meditations to increase your metabolic rate so you can burn unwanted body fat around the clock.

Unlock unlimited amounts of energy and focus. It’s like you have found a hidden well of energy with your name on it.

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